Mid Continent Cabinetry


Mid Continent Cabinetry is a leader in the kitchen and bath cabinetry industry. While maintaining a high standard for quality, it is our most competitively priced cabinet line. Customization and painted finishes are their specialty, with thousands of options and a custom paint program. Stop by the showroom to see our favorite door styles and what kind of promotions Mid Continent is running.


Mid Continent has 40+ door styles ranging from ornate to contemporary. Each door style can come in any finish and in a variety of wood types. Check out the door style guide to find the right one for you. 


The cabinet visualizer tool allows you to see exactly what each door style will look like in all of the different finishes. Stop by the showroom to see some of the endless possibilities in person. 


The painted or stain finishes are high-quality furniture grade finish. They go through a 12-16 step baking process when applied to the cabinetry. They will look as good in 20 years that they do when first installed. If you are looking for an even more custom look, Mid Continent offers a custom paint program


Mid Continent Storage Essentials are the bells and whistles that make your new cabinetry function at it's best. In our designs many of these come standard, such as pull out waste baskets.


Mid Continent's 2017 Idea Book contains many photos of real cabinetry in real kitchen and bathroom spaces. Get inspired and spot by the showroom to get the look. 



Mid Continent Accents and Accessories are the icing on the cake of cabinets. They tie the whole room together with a variety of styles to choose from.

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